Nazimgarh Resort – A feel of world class resort in Sylhet

If you were looking for a resort with the feel of nature then you search must stop there at Nazimgarh Resort which has everything excellent about it. From the stunning natural look and feel to the comfort of staying in a world class resort in Sylhet, Nazimgarh Resort has it all!

Nazimgarh ‘Garden Resort’ is everything a resort should be. Set on six acres of landscaped hillside, it is a self-contained island of tranquility amidst lush green foliage. It consists of the Terrace, the Villa and the Bungalow with fifty luxurious world class double rooms and suites.

6189_610956975590010_847106203_nWith most rooms having jacuzzis, balconies and sundecks, it is designed for individual and collective privacy. The hilltop Spa complex comes with a large swimming pool, children’s pool, outdoor jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and massage facilities. Its different cafes and restaurants, overlooking diverse scenery, offer a wide selection of cuisine prepared by expert chefs.

942935_612518785433829_1400446086_nWell appointed rooms for board meetings, exclusive conferences, retreats and executive training, make it the ideal destination for corporations of repute. Only thirty five minutes by air and five and half hours by road from Dhaka, the Garden Resort is truly a destination for discerning travellers.