Lalakhal – Rediscover Sylhet

4558_82448939156_4321367_nThis astonishing place ‘Lalakhal’ is located at Jaintiapur in Sylhet. The name of the river is ‘Sari’ which is famous for its high-quality sand for construction. This place has been inapproachable for a long time because of unavailability of vehicles. Still, if boats are unavailable, after reaching ‘Sarighat’ by bus (around 30 KM from Sylhet Metropolitan city), you have to make that 8 KM road by walking!. After reaching that place you must be flabbergasted by watching the greenish-blue water, hilly tracks,tea-gardens & the greenery.

Journey to Lalakhal

sarylalkhalkstanvir  Journey to Lalakhal is mainly on the boats. The boat journey to the Lalakhal is through the Shari river. The water in this surprisingly clear and blue. The river originates from Meghalaya, India. This river carries huge amount of sediments and stones from the upstream to Bangladesh and local people lift who are associated with stones lifts up these stones.

So how much will it cost?

Engine boats are of various sizes. One engine boats carrying 10-12 people can charge about tk. 1200 for the entire journey (Up and down).



lalakhal____by_tasninThere are some mysterious holes in the river which look more ‘Martian’ than earthly! Therefore, webSylhet advises you not to go off the boat and make sure you wear life jackets as we have come across couple of news of people drowning while trying to swim. Though it looked as if there is not much water.





Alternative / Safer way to enjoy Lalakhal?

4558_82448939156_4321367_nWell, there is a more safer way to enjoy Lalakhal’s beauty if you prefer not to go on boats with kids. There is a road which would take you to Nazimghar Resort which is located on the side of Lalakhal. You can hire a car and go by road which may be a bit dusty so make sure you get a good car with Air Condition on it.

Would like to know more about it? Well, we are currently working on a report separately on this. Please bear with us and look for the update in very near future. Meanwhile, if you are in a hurry, please get in touch with us and we will direct you to there!