Sylhet is the holy land of Hajrat Shahjalal (R). Along with him 3′ 60 saints are scattered at the different place of Sylhet.Glorified with scenarios beauty, natural resources and cultural heritage Sylhet has a bright chapter in the history of Bangladesh. There is different opinion from various historians about the nomenclature of Sylhet. In the ancient capital of Gour king Guhak installed a market in the memory of his dearest daughter Shila and named it as Shilahat or Shilahattra.This name Shilahat has been converted into Sylhet or Shrihatta later. Again some are of the opinion that it is related to the concurrence of Sylhet by Hajrat Shahjalal (R).


On the north of Sylhet district there is Asham and Meghaloya stats of India, on the south Maulvibazar district, on the east Asham sate of India and on the west the district Shunamganj and Habiganj.

The area of Sylhet district is about 3′ 503 square kilometer.

The population of Sylhet district is about 22′ 71′ 000.

Shurma, Kushiara etc.

Total thanas:
Sylhet district consist of total 11 thanas.

The thanas:

Sylhet shadar, Gulapganj, Bianibazar, Kanaighat, Zakiganj, Balaganj, Bishshanath, Companiganj, Guainghat, Zointapur, Fenchuganj.

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