Sunamganj is the district of Haor- baor, boro paddy and folk singers. There is different hear says about the naming of Sunamganaj. In the 13th century a Muslim solder named Sunamdi came in this area. Later on the name of this solder got destroyed from Sunamdi to Sunamganj. There is another hear say a fisherman named Shunamdi lived on the bnak of river Shurma and lad his lofe by catching fish. A commercial place brow up centering the fisherman, from that gradually Sunamganj was created.

On the north of Sunamganaj district there is Asham state of India, on the south Habiganj district, on the east Sylhet district and on the west there is Netrakona district.

The area of Shunamganj district is about 3′ 531 square kilometer.

The population of Shunamganj district is about 17′ 69′ 000.

Shurma, Kalni, Etakhola etc.

Total thanas:
Shunamganj district consist of total 11 thanas.

The thanas:

Sunamganj shadar, Dirai, Satok, Jamalganj, Dhormopasha, Madhia nagar, Jagannathpur, Taherpur, Shalla, Duarabazar, Bishshomvopur.

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