Situated in the north east corner of the country Maulvibazar in rich of beauty. The historical battle between Khaja Osman and Moghol commander Islam Khan at three miles distance from Maulvibazar town in 1612 AD and latu war of Maulvibazar in connection with all Indian sepoy mutiny in 1857 are famous in the history.

On the north of Maulvibazar district there is Sylhet district, on the south Tripura sate of India, on the east Asham state of India and on the west Habiganj.

The area of Maulvibazar district is about 3′ 172 square kilometer. Population: The population of Maulvibazar district is about 14′ 66′ 000.

Rivers: Monu, Kushiara etc.

Total thanas:
Maulvibazar district consist of total 6 thanas.

The thanas:

Maulvibazar shadar, Shrimangal, Rajnagar, Kulaura, Borlekha and Kamalganj.

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