The district of Habiganj is full of natural resources. There exist heavy quantity of natural gas is this district. Habiganj is noted fro growing highest quantity of tea in the country. Habiganj is reach for art and cultural history.

On the east of Habiganj district there is Shunamganj district and on the north Maulvibazar district and the west Kishorganj district..

The population of Habiganj district is about 15′ 66′ 000.

Borak, Kalni, Khuai etc.

Total thanas:
Habiganj district consist of total 8 thanas.

The thanas:

Habiganj shadar, Baniachang, Chunarughat, Lakhai, Bahubal, Nobiganj, Azmiriganj and Madhobpur

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