Tottenham single mum Ambia Ali left behind job in the City to take master’s degree in human rights law at Middlesex University

A single mother from Tottenham says she hopes to use a master’s degree to help others in disadvantaged and vulnerable positions.

Divorcee Ambia Ali, originally from Sylhet in Bangladesh, had to juggle looking after her daughter, now seven, with her postgraduate degree in minorities, rights and the law at Middlesex University.

Before the master’s course Ambia had studied business management and dreamed of being a business analyst.

But despite having a job in the city, she decided it wasn’t for her and instead chose to return to university to explore her passion for minority human rights.
Ms Ali, 25, said: “It’s a great feeling to graduate – I hope this can show other people that there are opportunities out there irrespective of where you are from. Middlesex has enabled me to realise my ambitions and with the help and support from the university faculty members I was able to reach my potential. That was motivation enough for me to carry onwards and upwards.”

She added: “Where I come from and in many other parts of the world it’s a cruel reality that human rights are a luxury and crime usually hides behind the protection of corrupt culture and religious excuses. This is usually a result of the lack of educational services made available about the law, basic human rights and legal acts that are in place to either protect or prosecute.

“What I’m doing in studying minorities law is about recognising the rights of vulnerable minorities including women and children in order to be able to help those in need, accordingly.”

After working as a paralegal in a commercial law firm and doing voluntary work for charities offering free legal services to those unable to afford legal fees, Ambia now plans to spend time with her seven-year-old daughter while saving to go to law school.

[News & Photo credit: Haringeyindependent]