No improvements of Sylhet Railway trains

Some of us may have noticed that over the past few years many new Railway trains have been introduced to different railway stations / routes. To be specific we have have noticed that many new trains were introduced to the route Dhaka – Chittagong. Subarno Intercity Express Train, the only train with non-stop intercity service of Bangladesh Railway between Dhaka-Chittagong-Dhaka. With it’s eye catching new shiny body, it is obvious that the new train had better atmosphere and cleanliness than the usual old Parabat and Paharika trains that runs on Dhaka – Sylhet or Sylhet – Chittagong route.

The last noticeable development of the Sylhet Railway was the building of the new station. As much as this was appreciated, the current situation of the train station is not good. A better clean atmosphere is what we deserve. Over the many years, there were many top ministers from Sylhet, even today Mr Abul mal Abdul Muhith who is the acting Finance Minister of Bangladesh is originally from Sylhet, has done little to improve the situation of Greater Sylhet and certainly the improvement of the train station facilities.

Everyday a large number of people from Sylhet needs to visit Dhaka and Chittagong for various business and tourism reasons but unfortunately they are faced with train delays, the unclean train atmosphere filled with dust which mainly affects the infants and toddlers.

We demand that Sylhet is in need of new trains more than any other cities in Bangladesh and an immediate action must be taken to introduce new trains and run upgrade programs on the old unclean trains to improve the journey of Sylheti people.